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A quick introduction

Started by RSummerfield, Mar 31, 2022, 16:29:10

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Hi everyone, I'm Richard, although I have been known as Rick for a few decades now, so I'll try and answer to either name.

I'd like to say "thank you" to you all for the very warm welcome I received on the 17th March at your last observation meeting, where I brought my own telescope to see what can be seen in a less "light polluted" sky than my back garden.

Since being a small child I've always looked up into the night sky and growing up in the "Apollo/Space shuttle" era encouraged that skyward glance.

I'd always thought of buying a telescope, but not being able to see a lot with the naked eye, I assumed that you'd not see much through a telescope, so why "waste" my money, it wasn't until early 2020 that I looked through a telescope on Blackheath common and discovered how wrong my assumption had been.

As far as background is concerned I'm an ex-senior electronic engineer/electrical metrologist and an ex-teacher of "Design and Technology", a newbie to star gazing, but I'm willing to learn.
I look forward to coming to as many observations and meetings as possible.


Welcome, Richard.  It is astonishing how much can be seen through the murk over London with a decent telescope.  I enjoyed meeting you and hope you will find a lot of value in coming to our meetings, and learning from our peers - Andrew


Yes, welcome Rick. 

Glad you are enjoying it so far - it only gets better!

'Clear skies' for your observing.

- Hugh