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Quick Introduction

Started by Christine, Feb 11, 2022, 10:41:03

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Just to say Hello and many thanks to Sue and Roy for the warm welcome on the last observation meeting.

I have no scientific background but an interest in astronomy. I learned more in a few minutes with Sue than over the lockdown period on my own.

I look forward to coming to as many observations as possible. I will try to make a Petts Wood  meeting but it's unlikely at the moment.


Welcome Christine, nice to have another female around.  I don't tend to go to the Otford observing nights, as I do imaging these days either from home or at camp sites.



Hope to see you next week at Otford.  I've been going to the Observing Evenings for a couple of years now and am still learning useful stuff!


Hi Christine and welcome.

Glad that you enjoyed yourself at observing.  Sue is a font of astronomical knowledge and advice, so glad she could help. 

The next Petts Wood evening is our AGM, which might sound daunting but isn't!  There will be a special event and a chance to meet those associated with the Committee. However, if you can't make it, then I will look forward to seeing there in due course.


Clear skies



Many thanks everyone.  It's taken me a while to navigate to this page to see your welcoming messages.

I'm coming along tonight but not sure where to look to confirm it is going ahead?  I will turn up and hope to see some of you there.