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Surprise Server Update

Started by Rick, Jul 16, 2020, 22:50:14

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There's been an update to the software the OAS sites run on. This has had at least two unfortunate effects:

1) At present files larger than 2MB can't be uploaded. I'm hunting that one down now.

2) The gallery has been comprehensively broken. I will work on this as soon as I have time, but it will probably be trickier to fix...

If anyone can help me narrow down exactly when the update happened, I'd like to know...


Ouch, the Gallery is a bad one, as some people only use that to upload their images to.

I just went into it and got this:
QuoteFatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/orpastro/public_html/gallery/include/functions.inc.php:183 Stack trace: #0 /home/orpastro/public_html/gallery/include/init.inc.php(171): cpg_db_connect() #1 /home/orpastro/public_html/gallery/index.php(26): require('/home/orpastro/...') #2 {main} thrown in /home/orpastro/public_html/gallery/include/functions.inc.php on line 183


I'll try to sort out the gallery tomorrow. No promises, as it might be quite a big task, but I know it's broken and it needs fixing...

Do you know when it last worked as expected? I know it was working on Sunday, and it looks as if (based on the Tuesday morning backup) it was working on Monday.


Sorry Rick, haven't tried to use it very recently.



I think the gallery is now fixed, and the file upload issue should be, too, but I've not tested that yet.


Please let me know what's still broken...


None of the sub pages work Rick, you just get this message:
QuoteThis page isn't workinggallery.orpington-astronomy.org.uk is currently unable to handle this request.


I've had a rummage around and agree with Carole, still cannot get Gallery actual pictures.  Can get from the gallery front page to the sub-heading - i.e Planets ~ but when clicking on link to, say, ~ Jupiter ~ page not available.

Thanks Rick.



Ugh. Something going on there that I thought I'd fixed... I'll see whether I can figure out what's happened this time...


There's something weird going on.

If you log in to the gallery then, as far as I can tell, it works just fine.

If you are not logged in, however, some pages come up blank.

I had to put up the latest version to get around the server update, and clearly something somewhere as got muddled. I'll keep looking...


There's something up with the OAS theme that I need to hunt down and fix.

For now I've switched it to the default theme, so it will look different, but the pictures should be there.

I'll look at it this evening, perhaps, if I don't get roped into garden work...


Turned out it needed a very few little changes in the theme file. Now it should have the OAS appearance again.


There remains one issue with the gallery and its previously readable URLs. Previously noted URLs should still work, but the equivalent code that should generate them in the new version no longer works as expected (or at all in some cases).

I may have to delve deeper into the code.

I may be some time...


...or I may just decide that the rather longer URLs it now generates are readable enough to be lived with. Actual image links are un-changed. It's links to pages that are different. For example:

Old: http://gallery.orpington-astronomy.org.uk/displayimage-164-1995.html

New: http://gallery.orpington-astronomy.org.uk/displayimage-164-1995-_2020_Jul_10_203918_Sky_.html#top_display_media

Both styles should work with the new version.


The Thing

I saw a problem with gallery early yesterday. Assumed it was dodgy french internet.

Links: I only link to images not pages so hopefully  my posts are ok.

Thanks for sorting it Rick🤗
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