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Free to a good home
« on: Jul 13, 2020, 16:32:54 »
I have an observatory dehumidifier that I bought must have been 10 years ago and has really worked well all that time.  It is now cutting out and the power light flashing about 2 minutes after switching on. 

I spoke to the company I bought it from and they thought it was repairable, and it would be £65 for an out of warranty repair.

As a new one was £129, I decided I might as well get myself a new one with a 2 year guarantee.

So I am offering the old one FOC rather than chuck it away.  Maybe some-one will be handy enough to repair it themselves.  It is by DIO (Dry it Out) and you can have it on continuous drainage (which I have) or into a reservoir, (I must check for any spare parts that go with the tank drainage version, pretty sure there is at least one item).

I am offering here first for a few days, and then will advertise it elsewhere.

Collection only, social distanced.