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New-ish Member Andrew Ramsay

Started by AndrewRamsay, Oct 28, 2019, 12:25:58

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Hi Everyone.  I realise I have been a bit lax in getting onto the Forum.   I actually joined in May and have enjoyed several meetings, a visit and the Starbeque. 

I live in Hayes, surrounded, unfortunately, by large trees, but persevere with my 6 inch Celestron Nexstar, supplemented (especially on trips) by a portable 70mm refractor.  My interest in astronomy dates back to the 60s, but resurfaced about 6 years ago, when I started to acquire my current collection of scopes, eyepieces and other aids.   I have already learned a lot from colleagues at meetings and hope to transition in due course to the heady heights of astrophotography.

Looking forward to learning more.

- Andrew (I answer to Andy) 


Welcome to the Forum Andy. 
Quotehope to transition in due course to the heady heights of astrophotography
It would be nice to have a new imager on board.  We plan to have imaging sessions from time to time to help people getting into AP.



Ditto , what Carole said, welcome aboard,
RedCat51,QHYCCD183,Atik460EX,EQ6-R.Tri-Band OSC,BaaderSII1,25" 4.5nm,Ha3.5nm,Oiii3.5nm.


Welcome to the forums Andrew.

Synta mount, a bunch of telescopes and a shed (on wheels).


Thank you all for your kind response.   

To Carole, I think that rather than an imaging workshop, I need to understand what I need to buy in order to take the first faltering steps into AP.  I have found that approximately half of the accessories I have bought for my 'scope since restarting were unnecessary or useless.  Your advice would be really helpful and I am sure others would welcome it too.


That could be the basis of an imaging session and we would not need a clear sky for that to happen.

Obviously if you are keen to get started we need to make this sooner rather than later.

I will ask The Chairman to find out what interest there would be for such a session at the next meeting and try to fix up something, maybe in early December. 

What is your availability weeks beginning 2nd and 9th December (I can't do 11th and we'd best avoid the election day on 12th).

Any other potential imagers interested?

Any other existing imagers want to help with such a session, I think this needs to stick to basics initially just to get people started.



That's a really generous offer, Carole.  I appear to be free on every weekday evening except the 6th and (as you suggested) the 12th. 


OK Andrew, let's make it either Thursday 5th then 7.30pm

You can come to my house.  Are you OK with dogs? 

Either find me at the OAS meeting on 27th and I will give you my address or PM me.



Carole -

I have only just seen this - yes I am fine with dogs, and the date and time suit me.

- Andrew