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Introduction - R Botero

Started by Roberto, Nov 08, 2018, 15:06:54

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Hello All!

My name is Roberto and I joined the Society a couple of meetings ago.  As I get familiar with you all, forgive me for not remembering your names when we next meet!
I have lived in Petts Wood since 2008, previously in Chislehurst for a couple of years and before that in West London since the turn of the century.  I have been interested in astronomy since school but only got a (proper) telescope when I finished university (where I did Physics and Maths and a few Astronomy courses).
I am lucky enough to have a backyard observatory and can indulge in both visual (double stars) and imaging pursuits when time and weather allows.  You can see more of my recent images and gear at the Astrobin link below.  I'm more or less active on CloudyNights but have lurked around other UK/global fora in the past (rbotero).
Looking forward to contributing to the forum!
Kind regards



Hi, and thanks for introducing yourself. You should now be able to see (and post in) the other sections of the forum.


Many thanks for your help Rick.


Wow, quite an introduction Roberto.  I think I spoke to you one evening and you live opposite the meeting hall.

Some very classy images and kit you have there, including Astrodon NB filters no less.

Welcome to OAS and the forum



Glad you are now all connected Roberto.

Welcome to the society.



Hi Roberto
Welcome.  Some very nice images you have there!
Look forward to meeting you at the Society.

Synta mount, a bunch of telescopes and a shed (on wheels).