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Removing adverts from your PC.

Started by ApophisAstros, Aug 12, 2014, 07:24:15

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i use acdpro5 to adjust size and just upload to my webspace.
i`ve found when you use these "free" upload sites that you get
adverts popping up when you click the link,some are quite
unsavoury aswell.
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Rather then Hijacking the images post. I'LL START A NEW ONE  ;)

Quotei`ve found when you use these "free" upload sites that you get
adverts popping up when you click the link,some are quite
unsavoury aswell.

Its a known fact that 99.9% of the  websites you visit leaves behind a small file called a cookie,
whilst a few of these cookies are ok, they normally store things like your site name and password, and any changes you might have made to the layout of the web site.
This forum uses two cookies.

The rest of the sites uses cookies to TRACK your movements around the web, TRACK!
Every site you visit will store in a cookie, their data and then create a tracking cookie, which lists the last places that you have visited.
As well as the place you have just come from
So if you have recently visited a place for images :oops: their will be a cookie for that,

When you visit things like amazon they scan your cookies and then stuff your face full of adverts.

Now there are quite a few ways around this.

1) use the incognito window,
good points nothing is tracked, nothing is saved,
Bad points you will still get adverts but not target based, you have to enter your name and passwords everywhere.

2) Empty your cache and cookies after every session
good points None really, you still get adverts for the session of your logon, but these are now target based depending on where you have visited
Bad points you have to enter your name and passwords everywhere but only once, if you revisit without closing the browser they will be re-entered. You still get adverts based now on the sites you have visited.

3) Use a host file to BLOCK the advertising websites. ALL web sites that use advertising normally use an advertising host, these sites hold millions of adverts of a standard size and when you visit the adverts are streamed to your site from the advert sites. Your pc works like this. I want to visit www.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com. The moment you enter this information into your browser and press enter your pc will look at your local host file to see if there is an entry for www.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com, if there is, it will use that IP address to contact www.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com. If there is no entry then it will use your default DNS server to look up the address, if its not found it will then use their DNS Server, until it gets back to the master server, where it retrieves the ip address of the site you are looking for. So how can we use this file to our advantage, easy.
The forums IP address is  forum.orpington-astronomy.org.uk this is public knowledge.
If we were to place this entry into a host file EXACTLY as above, then you would be able to access this site faster, why, because you pc did not have to goto its primary DNS server to retrieve the info, BUT HOW DOES THAT HELP ME. This is the clever part. is the door number to the forum. is a coffee site. So if you wanted anyone on your PC to stop accessing this forum you can change the entry in the host file so that it now reads forum.orpington-astronomy.org.uk, so every time you visit the forum you get a coffee site. But how does that help me. there is an internet site called. type this in to your browser you get site not found, this is a static IP address to your PC, now if you change the code to forum.orpington-astronomy.org.uk you will NEVER be able to access that site, as it gets redirected back to your PC. So if you place an advertising server in your host file and redirect it back to it will never be able to get access to its adverts and you will not see the adverts.
good points It works
Bad points, needs updating on a regular basis as new advert servers are being added.
http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm Just follow this site and there are detailed instructions on how to implement the host files.

4) Use Chrome as a browser and add Stylebot as an add in. There might be an addon for IE, but i dont use it.
This is a style sheet changer, it allows you to change the layout of EVERY SITE on the internet, you can change ANYTHING, the default size, colour, typeface of fonts, the size of windows, YOU CAN EVEN HIDE WINDOW PANELS, HOLD YOU HORSES, adverts appear in window panels (iframes) so you can even hide them. Like so.

The standard view of FACEBOOK, with all the advertising junk that no one wants to see.

My view of Facebook, Clean and calm.

good points None realy
Bad points Can be a little tricky to set up.

I use a combination of all 4.

I've even got this site changed using them.

If you want detailed instructions and photos of how to use Chrome and Stylebot, add a yes please to this message and i'll create a walk through.



What about AdBlock - very easy to install & does a great job. John


But does it remove all the other junk that you get from the web sites?
See my facebook layout, clean and uncluttered, none of the junk on the sides,



Yes - This is a screenshot of my FB homepage...


Not too bad,  ;)
Still got all the app and stuff on the left though,

Im impressed, but ill stick to the CSS styling, it give me a little bit more power.  :twisted:



I also use Adblock and have been pleased with it. Occasionally it stops things you WANT to see but luckily it has a handy pause/unpause button for that.
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Quote from: JohnP
Yes - This is a screenshot of my FB homepage...

I wouldn't be able to put up with that kind of blur.


:-) Very funny Mr. Shelley... I original posted it all crystal clear but as a certain Mr. G had posts up I thought I'd better blur it...  ;-)