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NGC1291 Ring Galaxy 6.6 hours

Started by A.S.I.G.N_Baz, Oct 26, 2009, 15:17:12

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Captured over 2 nights with an Orion Starshoot Pro DSI III Colour CCD, on a Skywatcher Black Diamond ED120mm APO.

Guiding on the EQ6 Pro with an Orion Starshoot Autoguider and PHD guiding.

400 minutes of 20 minute exposures captured, stacked, darks and flats subtracted all with MaxIm DL Essentials.

Levels and curves in PS Elements 6


This little beauty is sooooo faint! The core, by comparison is quite bright and had to be masked to turn up the levels on the rest of it. This was certainly quite a challenge. I had to process the thing three times before I was happy.

When I saw the first exposure on the first night, I was wondering if my aperture was even capable of grabbing such a faint target. I think I am pretty happy with it though and ready to move on to another target.