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barlow lenses

Started by *Zwitter*, Nov 17, 2005, 12:26:03

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Anyone able to recommend a barlow for webcam planetary imaging - the cheapo one that came with my meade 4.5 inch reflector just gives me a blur!




although I use a televue powermate most of the time, I have has success with a very cheap barlow.

The issue you might be facing is the barlow is moving the point of focus at lot further away (in either direction) than your usual eyepieces. Have you tried the full range of your focuser?


Hi Ian,

have tried the full focus range, but it causes a lot of wobble!

But it has always been a fuzzy one - even when looking through eyepieces at a big target like jupiter.

I think the barlow I have is seriously cheapo - it's just the black plastic one that came with the telescope.

Any ideas for a quality replacement?


Hi Paul - I use Russian made TAL barlows - They do a X2 & X3 (I have both) & both give very acceptable visual & imaging results - they only cost about £30 each - I don't think you'll get anything better for less money. I did a quick web search & I think you can get them from OVL here:


If you look at my recent posts on the Astrophotography forum (Mars & Moon) they were all taken using my X3....

Cheers,  John


Hi John, thanks very much for that - I'll take a look!