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Meteor outburst, night of 14th-15th October 2023

Started by Rick, Oct 16, 2023, 14:28:42

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This is a tracked stack of the meteors captured by my two Global Meteor Network cameras on the night of 14th to 15th October, 2023. One camera caught 162 meteors and the other caught 179. There's some field overlap, and some meteors get counted twice because of that, but the interesting thing about this outburst is that preliminary analysis assigned fewer than half the meteors to well-known showers. The Orionid, Southern Taurid and epsilon Geminid showers accounted for most of those assigned to showers, with the October Ursae Majorid, Leonis Minorid and chi Taurid showers picking up the rest, but the ones identified as sporadics outnumber them all. It will be interesting to see whether the multi-station orbit determinations done by GMN and UKmon pull some less well-known shower out of the data.

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2023 October 14th 18:23 UTC to 15th 05:33 UTC from Dursley, Gloucestershire
2 x Sony IMX291 cameras with 4mm lenses
Global Meteor Network RMS multi-camera tracked stack


Incidentally, on October 6th the Global Meteor Network added the millionth orbit to its database of solved meteor orbits. The network is now reporting over a thousand new orbits a day, using data from over 900 active cameras around the world.