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Sharpless 129 Flying Bat in Full Colour

Started by MarkS, Sep 18, 2023, 11:04:38

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This was taken at Cairds Farm on Friday night with an unmodified Canon EOS R on a Tak Epsilon 180ED.
110 exposures of 2min at ISO1600 giving a total integration time of over 3.5 hours.
Sky quality ranged from 20.9 to 21.08 according to my Unihedron Sky Quality Meter.

Larger version here: https://www.markshelley.co.uk/Astronomy/2023/Sh2_129_20230915.jpg

Most images of this nebula are taken in narrowband in order to also show the extremely faint Ou4 nebula "The Giant Squid".  Don't bother looking for the squid in my image because it's far too faint!  But there's plenty of orange/brown interstellar dust instead.

This was a very challenging target for full colour imaging and it was very difficult to spot any H-alpha emissivity in a single exposure.  Hopefully I'll shoot some more data to add to this image.



That's come out extremely well Mark in any case. Beautiful coloured stars as always. 
Lovely to see you last week, and glad you got something for your efforts.