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Astrophotography and music

Started by RafalK, Sep 13, 2021, 15:19:07

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Hello Everyone,

I know that might sound a bit out of place to advertise some music in the department of Astrophotography but I think this is the most fitting place. I just came across this artist Andrey Klimkovsky on bandcamp, which is a music sharing portal.


I have only listened to couple of his arrangements but they seem very much themed and connected with what we do in Society. I'm sure I will be buying some of his albums in near future.. just need to decide which ones as there are so many  ;)


Raf - the couple I have listened to seem very restful and enveloping.  As you know, I enjoy the connections between music and astronomy.  Definitely worth further investigation.


I found the You Tube pages and had a dip in. The album covers very striking. Can you recommend your favourite ones Raf ?