Author Topic: Skywatcher EQ5 and rDUINOScope gear for DIY autoguided mount  (Read 164 times)

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Hello everyone,
I was going to build my own autoguided mount. Well not exactly to build a mount but to fit one with autoguiding gear. Unfortunately I'm having to give up this idea and so I'm looking for potential buyers of the gear.

The telescope:
Skywatcher EQ5 with upgraded bearings and PTFE shims, re-greased with specialist greases and fitted with spring loaded bolts to provide optimal tension on worm drives. Complete with 2 counterweights @ 5 kg each. Also comes with a padded carry bag .
Shipping Weight   - 25 kg
Payload Capacity - 9.10 kg

The rDUINOScope gear:
- Arduino DUE R3 SAM3X8E 32 Bits ARM Cortex-M3 Module
- HVGA 480x320 3.2" TFTLCD Shield for Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 (touch screen)
- Prototype PCB for MEGA 2560 R3 Shield Board DIY bte16-05
- 2x Quimat motor 17HS16-2004S
- 6x Gear Pulley Toothed Belt Pulley
- Drive belt (open ended for making own belts)
- 2x Stepper Motor Driver A4988 (HW-216)
- GY-GPS6MV2 3V-5V NEO-6M GPS Module Board With Antenna
- DS3231 ZS042 AT24C32 IIC Module Precision RTC Real time Clock
- BT06 Bluetooth Serial Module Compatible With HC-06
- Dual-Axis Joystick Module Arduino Raspberry Pi
- Passive piezo buzzer
- Plastic enclosure
Resources can be found here:,,,,

I'm looking for offers in a region of £300 for the mount and £90 for the electronic equipment, but may consider some reduction if all taken at once.

Pictures of the actual items can be found here: