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Tony alerted me to this Society for Popular Astronomy on-line meeting Tomorrow.


Online SPA meeting with Prof Lucie Green this Saturday

The SPA is holding an online meeting this coming Saturday, 23 May, at 2 pm, in conjunction with our member Dave Eagle, who runs the Virtual Astronomy Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The main speaker will be Prof Lucie Green, on a topic which is very relevant to the summer months, the Sun. At the moment the Sun is at a minimum stage of activity, but it is by no means quiet and is still producing prominences and the occasional sunspot, as our Solar Section members have found. Lucie will explain the science of what’s going on, and we will also be seeing some of the images taken by members in the past few days.

There will be a full supporting programme, with a night sky guide from Robin Scagell and also a look at what we can expect from Comet SWAN and maybe, in July, Comet NEOWISE and Comet LEMMON.

All members and friends are invited to join the meeting, which will be held on Zoom’s Webinar platform. This does not show the audience, but participants may ask questions through the host, if time permits.

The meeting is expected to last about 90 minutes. We have space for up to 100 participants on Zoom, but if you don’t wish to use Zoom the meeting will also be broadcast live on YouTube, and if you can’t get into the meeting on Zoom please view the YouTube broadcast.

The meeting is free to attend but we are asking intended participants to register in advance with Eventbrite. This will ask for your name and email address, and you will then be sent an email with the log-in details. You have the options to download the Zoom software to view the meeting, or view the meeting in your browser without downloading Zoom.

To register for the meeting, go to


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Re: Online SPA meeting with Prof Lucie Green this Saturday
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sold out,
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