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Campervan for Sale

Started by Carole, Mar 21, 2020, 11:10:01

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Not sure if any-one will be interested in this, i have advertised it on Ebay and FB Astro buy sell site.

My lovely Campervan is going to be need a fair bit of welding in the next year, and seeing as how there is a POD and Cabin at Cairds and I can hire a Caravan at Kelling, and won't get a chance to use it for months now with the self isolation, I thought I'd see if I could sell it rather than have to tax and insure it for months, then pay for the repairs not having used it.

This is my advert on Ebay.  I am selling on there for £1500, but would be happy to let it go for £1300 to an OAS member.


As you know this is a bit of a DIY campervan.



I have had an offer on Ebay, assuming it goes through OK, I will mark it as sold.



Hope it does. Good luck.


Forgot to say I did manage to sell the Van.  It was a bit of a challenge being as we are in self isolation.

The buyer agreed to do everything from a distance, so when he arrived he rang me from the road, and I opened the van via the remote for him to look at (he already said he didn't want a demo), then he transferred the money via internet banking from his phone, I checked my internet banking indoors and told him when it had gone through on the phone.

I then put the Log Book in a lidded bucket outside the house for him to complete his bit, and then move away.  I then put his bit of the registration document in the bucket along with the keys.

All done and I didn't even have to post the registration document off to the DVLA as when I looked for the address I found it can now be done on line.

Job done.   

Oh and washed my hands afterwards with antibacterial soap.



Very good process work there; clearly thought your IPCs through really well.

Glad you sold it; sorry to see it go.

Synta mount, a bunch of telescopes and a shed (on wheels).