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News Reports Hack Me Off

Started by ApophisAstros, Jun 28, 2019, 09:14:16

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I think that they go way over the top about a warmer spell!! Just heard that France/Spain are going to have the hottest temperature EVER!!!!! Actually its not ever, the earth was once a cauldron of molten lava , its since records began about 150 years ago... They also said that the heatwave had caused forest fires , i dont think so maybe glass being discarded,cigarettes ,arson,uncontrolled campfire all preventable by people in the area.
Re carbon emissions ..all the carbon we are releasing into the atmosphere was at one time in the atmosphere and life formed quite well through that time its only human arrogance that climate change SHOULDNT affect them,get on with it.
Zero emissions ...what they are going to have electric aircraft? Heavy Plant vehicles that build infrastructure and all cars electric, bet they will still charge the same for the equivalent litre of lecky..
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Way too many journalists and politicans love to be sensationalist, so it's usually safe to assume things aren't as bad as they say, but if reputable scientists say something within their area of expertise is bad, then listen to them, and take the evidence seriously. The trouble with climate change is that it's become a religeous issue, and nobody (least of all the politicians and journalists) is listening to the scientists who specialise in climate...

Is the heatwave causing forest fires and so on? Not directly, but it sure makes them more likely to develop, and harder to control if they do get going. The still smouldering cigarette or disposable barbecue that would have spluttered and died in the damp last week could do the reverse today because of the warm dry wind and higher temperatures....


Actually I do believe that Man is a danger to the planet and himself with pollution.  Coral reefs are already suffering, the ice cap is melting, we are burning/chopping down too many trees for agriculture. 
Bees are being killed off by pesticides.  Disgusting plastic pollution in the oceans.  Luckily responsible countries are waking up to this and trying to do something about it. 

Our descendents aren't going to thank us if we don't do something to stop this man made pollution. True the Earth goes through a cycle of extreme weather from time to time, but we should definitely be doing things to save the planet. 

Too many selfish people in this world who can only think of their own interests and not in the long term.

Yes we do need to go over to electric cars and something needs to be done about the pollution planes cause, Not sure what as yet, somewhere I heard about hydrogen being a non polluting fuel, could this be a possibility?



For my halfpenny worth, what really narks me is when the media keep on referring to "carbon" emmisions. It's not carbon it's carbon dioxide, which is one part carbon two parts oxygen yet I don't hear the halfwhit media referring to oxygen emmisions.


Trouble is Carole, not everyone cares in the slightest what mess the planet is in.  It can also be difficult to reconcile life with ecology, we are all guilty if we think about it...  that shiny new TV set, driving the children to school, foreign travel - there aren't many things that don't lead to pollution of some kind or other.  Look at the number and size of some of the refuse bins people put out, all going to land fill or forming some mountain of rubbish somewhere else for another generation to sort out.

Electric cars... hmmm yes maybe if we can find an alternative to lithium otherwise let's dig up the planet some more, mind you there is only predicted to be about 30-50 years supply so we won't be able to dig it up for long.  Hydrogen maybe as it burns to produce water but requires lots of electricity to produce and is highly flammable.

Personally I think it'll take a miracle for the process to reverse, a huge mindset change for everyone.  With the population going through the roof, helped in no small part by migration, were heading the wrong way.  Hopefully the new generations will see the light and do something meaningful.