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Non connection of printer and laptop ... help...

Started by doug, Dec 07, 2018, 10:08:22

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     I need help ... can`t get the laptop and printer to speak to one another. Printed out a report and it states that all is well; the printer and the laptop are connected to the internet wirelessly, but I can`t print out the ToasT`m or anything else. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but don`t know what. If anybody computer literate can assist I`d be very grateful.

     Thanks in advance, Doug. (very frustrated)
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What system are you using?

I'm on Win7Pro, and I find my printer disconnects occasionally. I reconnect it by going into Devices and Printers and deleting the printer, then go and re-find it (search for it)
[Devices and printers/Add a printer/Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer   and hopefully it will come up on the search window - use the installed drivers.

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Doug if you haven't fixed it by the time we come round, I'll take a look at it but I am no expert on this sort of stuff.