Author Topic: [BAA-ebulletin 01018] Observer Alert: Asteroid (156) Xanthippe occults 12th mag  (Read 724 times)

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[BAA-ebulletin 01018] Observer Alert: Asteroid (156) Xanthippe occults mag 12 star next Monday evening (Oct 29 at 1919UT)
(c) 2018 British Astronomical Association

The 125-km wide main belt asteroid (156) Xanthippe will occult a 12th magnitude star in Aquila as seen from parts of southern UK and northern Europe. See:

Finder charts are available via the above link. The star is UCAC4-409-131091 (R=11.9, V=12.5) RA(2000): 20 28 11.61  Dec(2000) -08 13 04.5 (aka GSC 5754 0239)

The event occurs on the evening of Monday, October 29th at 19:19:13s UT (prediction for Reading, Berkshire). Observers should aim to record/monitor the star from 2 minutes before to 2 minutes after the expected mid-time i.e. 19:17-19:21 UT. Maximum duration of the occultation is expected to be about 7 seconds. The wide shadow track passes over southern England and timing observations are invited, both digital and visual. At the time, the star will be at an altitude of about 30deg in the SSW direction. The star will virtually disappear when occulted, and nearby stars should be used as comparisons.

Timing the disappearance and duration of the occultation to an accuracy of +/-0.2 sec UT or better is requested. The occulted star is not particularly bright, but the prediction is a certainty so it is a good opportunity to see an occultation at a convenient time in the evening, weather permitting. The event is attracting observers across Europe and the UK, so this is a very favourable event with a good chance of combining many timing chords to produce an accurate silhouette of the occulting body. The path covers the area of mid-Wales to Cornwall in the West, and East Anglia to Kent in the East.

The nearest 9th mag star is TYC 5754-516-1,  16' arc due west of the occulted star.

Further details including a map of the shadow track can be found on the ARPS website:

Good luck and clear skies to all observers.
Please report results to the undersigned.

Tim Haymes   [BAA Asteroids and Remote Planets Section - Occultations]
E-mail: tvh [dot] observatory [at] btinternet [dot] com


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Too low for me as no southern sky, bugger.
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