Author Topic: [BAA-ebulletin 01000] Bright storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere  (Read 309 times)

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[BAA-ebulletin 01000] Bright storm in Saturn's northern hemisphere
(c) 2017 British Astronomical Association

An observation made by Brazilian observer Maciel Bassani Sparrenberger shows a bright and distinct spot at 67 degrees north on Saturn. This observation was made on 2018 March 29 at 08:16 UT.

Later that day (from 18:20 to 1957 UT), this spot was imaged by Trevor Barry in Australia.

To date, It has also been recorded by Damian Peach, Manos Kardasis and Anthony Wesley.

Further observations of this object are urgently required to see how this storm evolves. Observations can be sent to the Saturn, Uranus and Neptune section via

saturn at britastro org

Mike Foulkes Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section Director