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Lobster's Claw Nebula NGC7635
« on: Nov 02, 2017, 10:01:45 »
I took this image while I was waiting for my chosen targets to rise = M78 & the Seagull Nebula.

This is the last of my images from Cairds, and this was one pig to process.  I took 2 nights of data, but couldn't use the 2nd night as the quality was awful. 

Could be something to do with the much brighter Moon on the 2nd night at 12 days old, though this posted image was still taken with a 10 day old Moon.  It might also be something to do with the fact I forgot to re-check the focus from the previous night's imaging, doh!!   :!  Think I got side tracked with problems with my NEW laptop which would not even download the looping, it would get stuck on download or something called "flushing" whatever that is???   So had to switch back to my old laptop which had "stuck on download" problems previously but this time it worked perfectly straight away.  Luckily I realised my error and re-focussed before I captured the Seagull.  It wasn't a lot out, but I guess "enough". 

Anyway, this is the reason for so few subs, really annoying as I took loads more on the 2nd night. 

This is a really interesting bit of sky, with several objects in close proximity, including the Bubble nebula.

Ha 4 x 600
Oiii & Sii 4 x 150 binned
Total imaging time  1 hour

Atik460EX, WOZS71 & HEQ5 + Polemaster

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