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Deal festival 4th July
« on: Jun 20, 2017, 07:45:13 »
Received via the website.

I am writing to inform you of an astronomically themed event on the 4th July at The Pines Calyx Gardens, near Deal, as part of this
year’s Deal Festival – a sound installation that uses sound to interpret the apparent rotation of stars around Celestial North Pole in real-time.

Taking its inspiration from our view of the near-universe as Earth rotates on its axis, the installation tracks the passing stars’
movements and interprets them as an evocative musical score. The installation was created over a five-year period and in association
with Armagh Observatory (where the piece is permanently installed and plays daily) and gives each star a unique acoustic signature according
to its various astronomical parameters, transmitting the sounds through an octagonal sound diffusion system. The result is a
mesmerising sound map of the universe as viewed by our turning planet.

Also within the garden on that evening will be a number of musical and artistic interventions with performances by musicians Stina Wilson
(flute) and Andrey Debedev (guitar), as well as local artists creating live responses to the event, the environment and concepts. The evening
will also give the audience the opportunity to explore KRONOS – a path around the grounds which demonstrates in time from the ‘Big-Bang’ until the present day.

Event info here:
(Contact festival manager for block booking options)