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Bats in your Flats
« on: Jul 19, 2017, 12:08:26 »
Something i came across online,,,
Quite funny.

"Upon reviewing the flats, one stood out, with a very weird artifact in the image.  It took a second, but the artifact's cause then dawned on me.  I had been riveted by the upper LCD display on the camera during the image acquisitions, waiting for the shutter speed display to vanish before I pressed the shutter button for the next exposure.  Any day now, one of the second batches of Timelapse+ View intervalometers ( will show up, but for now, my finger was triggering the exposures.  Bottom line, I was pretty oblivious to transient sky conditions during the flat sequences.  During a swim in the pool afterwards, I noticed a number of bats wheeling over our backyard.  Well, that explains the artifact, all right!  The exposure was 1/15th of a second, and the bat had a definite vector velocity and high-speed wing-flapping that generated the dark line and lighter wing zones.  "

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