Author Topic: [BAA-ebulletin 00977] Storm on Neptune  (Read 392 times)

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[BAA-ebulletin 00977] Storm on Neptune
« on: Jun 13, 2017, 21:33:57 »
[BAA-ebulletin 00977] Storm on Neptune
(c) 2017 British Astronomical Association

On 2017 June 10, Australian amateurs Darryl Milika and Pat Nicholas imaged a bright spot in Neptune's northern hemisphere. They used a C14 Schmidt-Cassegrain, with IR, R, G and B filters.

A series of images taken from 19:45 UT until 21:02 UT showed the spot moved with the rotation of the planet.

Further observations are urgently required to see if this storm persists.

Mike Foulkes. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Section director.