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Technical / Re: New Flats panel
« Last post by MarkS on Mar 21, 2018, 21:15:26 »
It's a very odd flat!

You can check if it is the flat panel or the optics by rotating the panel 180degrees and taking another flat.  If the flat looks the same then it's the optics.

For what it's worth, I think the panel is fine in which case it might be caused by stray light or collimation.  You're absolutely sure it's collimated correctly?

One thing very obvious is the shape of the "dust bunnies".  They should be dark "Polo" mint shaped.  Yours have a flat top edge instead of being circular.  So what is cutting into the light path?

Technical / Re: New Flats panel
« Last post by Carole on Mar 21, 2018, 20:12:14 »
Thanks Mac.

I don't think it is to do with either of those things Mac, as I got the same effect when using sky flats.  Also a CCD camera doesn't work with a shutter speed as far as I know it's just length of exposure, and the length varies depending on the light from the sky/EL panel and which filter I am using.  I still seem to get this effect with longer exposures.  I was thinking it was more to do with the light path, but I could be wrong.


Technical / Re: New Flats panel
« Last post by Mac on Mar 21, 2018, 19:33:32 »
As a separate issue I am concerned as to why the flat is darker one side than the other

whats the shutter speed for the image?
It could be a similar issue to what you get when you shoot fluorescent tubes,
they flicker at 100hz and sometimes you can get an image where half is dark and the other half is not due to the exact time you photograph the fluorescent tube,

your EL  panel might work in a similar way ,(having a quick google)
it appears that most EL panels use AC to drive them, so its possible that your shutter speed is causing the effect in combination with the flash rate 100Hz,

you need to reduce your shutter speed to a longer time to reduce the chance of catching it mid turn on and off.

no ideal considering the constraints we work to.

Alerts! Questions? Discussions... / Re: Spring equinox
« Last post by Rick on Mar 21, 2018, 14:21:11 »
The Earth's orbit isn't a perfect circle, but slightly elliptical, so the Earth moves faster when it's closer to the Sun, and therefore it gets from Northern Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox a bit quicker. The longest gap will be between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, as that's when the Earth is furthest from the Sun and therefore moving slowest...
Alerts! Questions? Discussions... / Spring equinox
« Last post by Klitos on Mar 21, 2018, 13:11:25 »
Happy springtime! The snow has melted at last and it's getting warm enough to be out without a woolly hat!

Spring equinox was yesterday, 20 March. It occurred 89 days after winter solstice, and 93 days before summer solstice. Does anyone know why it's not exactly half-way between them?
Technical / Re: Hitecastro Mount Hub Pro
« Last post by Fay on Mar 20, 2018, 14:04:30 »
Yes Roger, 7,8,10
Technical / Re: Hitecastro Mount Hub Pro
« Last post by Apophis on Mar 20, 2018, 12:04:44 »
Does it work with Windows 10 Fay.
Technical / Hitecastro Mount Hub Pro
« Last post by Fay on Mar 20, 2018, 09:16:58 »
I am selling the above, as have bought another one.

this is in perfect working order, no problems. Eliminates having loads of cables going from equipment to the computer by just having one.
 Most equipment can plug into it

8 individually selectable and controllable relay driven outputs to power all of your equipment. (plus three constant (always on) outlets.)

A 4 channel dew controller with individually selectable outputs.

A stepper motor focus controller compatible with many of todays most popular focusers (e.g. Moonlite, Robofocus)

PC software which allows all of the above to be controlled from the users PC (Windows XP, Vista) Windows 7 currently under test.

Manual (Non PC based control of the Dew Controller)

Optional Manual 'Hand Controller' for focus operations

An ASCOM compliant driver to operate with your favourite third party ASCOM compliant application. (e.g. Maxim DL, CCD Soft etc)

USB Interface (standard printer type usb cable required

Can deliver up to 15Amps of power to your equipment (via an appropriate power supply)

As one power cable leads from your power supply to the 'Mount Hub Pro' and one USB cable runs from the controlling PC to the MHP, there is less chance of tripping or getting tangled in lots of cables in the dark. Power outlets to your equipment are then provided so cables no longer dangle where they can cause problems.

Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: DSC 16 - 18th March
« Last post by Carole on Mar 18, 2018, 16:50:19 »
Can't believe it it is snowing again here.

Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: DSC 16 - 18th March
« Last post by Apophis on Mar 18, 2018, 16:09:44 »
Snows thin on the ground but its about -2ish and colder in the wind during the day so if it clears tonight then the temperature will plummet further. Even the bird life seems to be taking cover from the cold as nothing about earlier when i took the binos out for a walk.
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