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Technical / Update Re: CMOS Blotch Problem
« Last post by The Thing on Today at 10:34:59 »
Hi All,

This may come in useful to someone...

I have replaced shared power supplies (12V laptop variety) with individual ones for each power need. This affects the 'industrial' USB3 hub which powers the cameras and the TEC cooling on the ASI294MC Pro. This seems to have completely solved the blotch problem. I suspect power output ripple and variation caused by items changing their power needs is a factor. I need to do some PI processing and stretching to verify this as I have been using StarTools recently due to PI display issues.

I also now think ambient temperature affects the efficacy and stability of the TEC cooling to a great degree. I might try making an insulating jacket for the camera body so that in warm weather it's not fighting the cooling by absorbing heat from the environment. In cold weather this shouldn't be needed. With an ambient temperature of 5C the TEC only drew 50% power to keep the CMOS at -20C, at 15C it was 100%. The CMOS temperature also flips up and down 0.5C every few seconds, this might be a measurement error or the effect of the solder blobs connecting the sensor to its backplane not being effective conductors.

I have also upped the ADU count for my flats, I was using 20000 which is the default in the APT Flats Aid tool, I have increased it to 32000ADU which is about 1/2 full well depth on this camera and suddenly the flats are correcting properly again!

All good stuff.

Chat / Re: Pixinsight for those that have.
« Last post by The Thing on Today at 10:20:56 »
Well, I've installed it because I had a problem in that for a while the main window of PI didn't display at all. I hoped the new version would fix it. It made no difference but I found a work around by hovering over the tray icon and then right clicking on the little preview (a white rectangle at this point) and selecting Maximise. Bingo. But not tried to use it yet! Fingers crossed. I do have some subs of the Christmas Tree cluster / Cone Nebula area I can try it out with.
Chat / Re: Pixinsight for those that have.
« Last post by Carole on Today at 08:55:35 »
I don't use Pixinsight but I have the same personal policy with software and operating systems as Mark.  there are those who MUST HAVE the latest of everything, but sadly they are the ones that find all the problems too. 

Chat / Re: Pixinsight for those that have.
« Last post by MarkS on Today at 07:47:10 »
I'm not in a hurry - quite happy to let the guinea pigs find any problems first!
Chat / Pixinsight for those that have.
« Last post by Apophis on Yesterday at 10:27:29 »
PixInsight 1.8.6 released.

Just be aware that a LOT of people are trying to download it at the moment so the servers are running quite slowly. Also note that it requires a complete uninstall of previous versions and a re-install and new licence activation so be sure your email address on the PI site is correct (that is the email under Software Distribution and not on the forum)
Chat / Re: Comet 46P Wirtanen
« Last post by Apophis on Dec 16, 2018, 21:19:44 »
just watching "Armaggedon" on tv , food for thought with all these objects flying around the solar system , two quotes that ram it home"it happened once and it will happen again", and "Global killer".
Happy Christmas to all.
Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: December DSC
« Last post by Carole on Dec 16, 2018, 19:19:07 »
I think Dave and I were dead lucky to have gone last weekend.  It might have been windy and wet on Saturday, but it wasn't the bitter freezing cold of this weekend.

Astrophotography / Re: NGC2170 LRGB
« Last post by Carole on Dec 16, 2018, 19:17:19 »
I reduced the brightness in the sky background a bit. 

Chat / Re: Comet 46P Wirtanen
« Last post by The Thing on Dec 16, 2018, 10:29:22 »
My bad, its already moving out so its show is over for this apparition.
Chat / Re: Comet 46P Wirtanen
« Last post by The Thing on Dec 16, 2018, 10:26:38 »
Good catch. I viewed the comet through my 80x20 binos while I was imaging it and it really is quite diffuse. Apparently the tail has been facing away from us but as the comet swings round the sun it may come into view.
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