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Astrophotography / Jupiter and Europa with DSLR
« Last post by Apophis on Yesterday at 22:40:50 »

Taken with my DSLR Canon 750d in Worthing
Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: Up coming DSCs
« Last post by Carole on Yesterday at 17:47:41 »
I spoke to Pete the owner and he says if we want to make a definite booking he is happy for us to go to Cairds in August (and as you know it is a bank holiday weekend) , but I think we will have to pay for the pitches if we don't go.  I will however ask him if he manages to re-sell them at the last minute if we can be excused payment.

I personally am willing to take a £24 gamble to get a good site, but any-one going needs to make up their mind and book a.s.a.p.  I leave it in your hands.

Pete and Sue
Tel: 07765 363546  or  01435 883442
Tell them you are with the Astro group as we get a discount.

Dates are 25/26/27 August (overnight 25/26).  As usual if the skies are clear I may extend the period if available.

Same applies to the July dates but I didn't remember what they were so did not ask him if he could accommodate us.

Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: UDSC 26/27 May
« Last post by Carole on Yesterday at 17:37:41 »
Well Cairds let me in by saying I could park in the car park, but when I got there I asked if I could go in the alcove in the left as you drive in.  Pete was concerned it was next to the chemical disposal place, but I said it would be OK.  It was a smashing place as it turns out and we had two glorious days and clear nights.  Admittedly we didn't get too many hours because of the time of the year, but well worth doing. 

The campsite was full but as it's only a small site everyone was friendly and I managed to get a couple of people to switch off fluorescent lights.

I got some data though not sure how successful I have been until I process it.  Roger was having some problems, but as he is using software that I am not that familiar with I was limited in what help I could give him.  However I think he benefitted from the trip and has some things to think about.  Roger slept in the Cabin (Barbecue cabin that is being converted into a sleeping room).

[BAA-ebulletin 00976] Noctilucent cloud sighting
(c) 2017 British Astronomical Association

Noctilucent Cloud Alert

The first sighting of the season was made by Adrien Mauduit from Denmark last night (25/ 26 May 2017). The AIMS satellite is unable to provide data for at least 2 weeks so we are relying on ground based observers to report any sightings and hopefully we will have some clear skies in the coming days.

Any reports please to - sandra-b at hotmail co uk


Sandra Brantingham
Aurora and NLC director
Chat / Re: Bitcoins
« Last post by Mac on May 25, 2017, 18:50:50 »
Time to cash mine in  :cheesy:

See you in the Bahamas
Astrophotography / Re: Solar Image With A Baader Filter
« Last post by Rick on May 24, 2017, 08:49:51 »
Try and make them smaller; it makes it easier to copy and paste them into the panes.

I hadn't noticed before that it was on the O.A.S. Gallery, or I'd have pointed out that the gallery makes a suitably-sized smaller image automatically. Just look for the image with a filename beginning "normal_". It's the one you see wheh you look at the gallery page for the image with its details, and it's a good size for linking in the forum, too.
It’s Been Three Years Since We’ve Had a Supernova This Close

A supernova is one of the most impressive astronomical events anyone can possibly witness. Characterized by a massive explosion that takes place during the final stages of a massive star’s life (after billions of years of evolution), this sort of event is understandably quite rare. In fact, within the Milky Way Galaxy, a supernova event is likely to happen just once a century.

But within the Fireworks Galaxy (aka. the spiral galaxy NGC 6946), which is located 22 million light years from Earth and has half as many stars as our galaxy, supernovae are about ten times more frequent. On May 13th, while examining this galaxy from his home in Utah, amateur astronomer Patrick Wiggins spotted what was later confirmed to be a Type II supernova.


Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: UDSC 26/27 May
« Last post by Mike on May 23, 2017, 13:25:27 »
I'm already booked up this weekend.
Announcements, Meetings, Events / Re: Picnic at Otford - August 2017
« Last post by Mike on May 23, 2017, 13:24:43 »
26/27th August is a uDSC date.
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