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Great to hear you are improved enough to start getting back into the "saddle".

It makes grim prospects.  I have been in a conversation on Astrobin about it, and we have all signed the petition I attached on another thread.  During which time I did some internet searching and found an E mail address for ESO who had got involved (European Southern Observatory), it was the Communications Officer, so I E mailed him telling him about all the 1000s of amateur astronomers and imagers who will be affected, not to mention the retailers, manufacturers and astro holiday places like Ollys and Astrofarm etc who might lose business if people gave up astronomy because of it. 

Upshot was he skyped me and we had a face to face conversation about it.

He says the professional astronomers have been in communication with Space Ex who are experimenting with a non-reflective coating on one of the satelittes, but are worried about it causing over heating. 

He suggested we got all the retailers involved since he felt loss of business would be a bigger influence than loss of hobby, and so I am starting to contact the same, but it would be good if others could help.
So far only managed to contact Deep Sky West who have yet to reply, and since then I have been back and forth to Swanley (Dave who comes to Cairds) for a mini astro weekend where he has Bortle 6 skies and no tree in the way of Orion.  Am on my 4th and last day there tonight.

Any further ideas Mark and any-one else.  I can see imaging and Astronomy being a no-go in a few years time unless software can deal with all the satelitte trails. 


Alerts! Questions? Discussions... / Starlink satellites on a murky night
« Last post by MarkS on Jan 19, 2020, 19:43:24 »
I decided to do some imaging tonight (my hand has recovered sufficiently from the operation) but the sky quality was pretty bad - very murky with an SQM reading of 20.6 - so I would describe this as a practice run.

Walking out to the obsy at 18:20 I noticed a train of bright objects moving through the sky - 10 of them in all.  I checked on Heavens Above and sure enough it was Starlink - launch 3.  Apparently there should have been lots more but I just caught the final 10.

Here are the details from Heavens Above (location Greenwich):

The sequence I saw ended with Starlink AN and they were all 10-15secs apart. Plenty more opportunities in the early evening over the coming days.  Well worth checking out because visually they actually look quite spectacular and it gives us an unfortunate and terrible preview into the future.

Alerts! Questions? Discussions... / C/2017 T2 Panstarrs comet.
« Last post by doug on Jan 19, 2020, 08:51:44 »
     Friday 24 January Comet C/2017 T2 PanSTARRS will be passing the Double Cluster in Perseus tonight and over the next few nights. This could be a perfect opportunity for a photograph. As luck would have it, the Moon will be new at this time.

     See if you can spot it, or even image it....

Announcements, Meetings, Events / Tea Rota this Wednesday (22nd Jan 2020)
« Last post by NoelC on Jan 18, 2020, 16:53:36 »
Unfortunately having volunteered to do the Tea this week, I now cannot make the meeting.

Could anyone else step in?
I can't remember who I'm supposed to be doing it with, but if you are able to help, you shouldn't be entirely alone!

Thanks very much - I'll be happy to return the favour.
Technical / MOVED: Upgrading to Windows 10
« Last post by Rick on Jan 17, 2020, 12:56:27 »
Moved to PC Helpline as it's mostly general Windows PC stuff...
Technical / Re: Dehumidifiers For Observatories - Any Suggestions
« Last post by Carole on Jan 17, 2020, 10:01:36 »
Personally with English weather I don't think it is worth taking the risk of not having a dehumidifier.  My Obsy gets very damp inside if I don't use it, of course it doesn't help that I have a small leak at one of the pivots.  I catch most of it in a bucket, but there is always a bit on the floor too where it must miss. 

1 hour with the dehumidifier on and it'a all dried out.  I definitely don't leave cameras in the obsy without the dehumidifier being on in the winter months. 


Technical / Re: Dehumidifiers For Observatories - Any Suggestions
« Last post by The Thing on Jan 17, 2020, 08:10:52 »
Dew heaters on the mount and ota all the time or on a timer. I tend to leave all my stuff on all the time to keep the moisture at bay, there is a stream 20ft away so the ground is always damp, so my obsy floor is 1m off the ground.
Technical / Re: Dehumidifiers For Observatories - Any Suggestions
« Last post by Whitters on Jan 17, 2020, 07:29:58 »
Hi Duncan,
Yep that's the one. Most of the time it's nice 'n snug it has a bit of air flow around it and is mostly dry. The Obsy is on posts so it also has a gap under the floor so gets air all round. However this winter has been so bad.If i'v been out observing (Ha Ha what chance have we had since September) when we have hit the dew point and the mount and scope are dew'd up on the outside then shut up the roof if still takes a while to dry it all out. That's when I need something to help dry things out.
PC Helpline / Re: Upgrading to Windows 10
« Last post by Carole on Jan 16, 2020, 18:10:13 »
I'm ion the Desktop Roger, should be able to get it to work without using Astro software.

I have all the settings ticked and the webcam microphone is working, and I have selected the right settings in Skype, but when I had a video call today, they could not hear me.

PC Helpline / Re: Upgrading to Windows 10
« Last post by Fay on Jan 16, 2020, 16:23:19 »
well being that I have forgotten a lot of the intricacies of setting up, i have reverted back to 7 until I get myself straight

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